I’m Blushing as I Write This…

The second book I’ll honor is from a genre I never understood. The romance genre. Here in this post, it is the historical romance genre. Granted, many people enjoy this type of reading. I tried to, but just couldn’t. Sorry if this selection offends anyone, but this is just my eulogy for a tree that gave its life for the arts.

Today I’m honoring the trees that gave their lives so the world could better know, “His at Night” by Sherry Thomas.  A Bantam Books Mass Market Original. Published in 2010. This is a work of fiction.

Good gracious, I’m blushing already! I think the plot of the story is right here. The biggest clue to a historical romance is the clothing the people are wearing (or losing!) on the front cover of the book.

“Bum pinching”? “Watering of the beer”? “Saintly patience”? “Not altogether right upstairs”? Am I putting the question marks in the right spot outside of the quotes, or should they be within the quotes? Will the questions ever end? I am dizzy with historical-hysteria, you see. A nail-biter for sure. Looks like I’ve lost some nail polish on my page-turning hand!

All I can say is “no comment here.” I think I’ve read enough.

Thank you, trees. We will always remember your shade and quiet beauty.



12 comments on “I’m Blushing as I Write This…

  1. Reblogged this on Fortyteen Candles and commented:

    Post number two on my new blog…”The Opposite of Bestseller” Warning: Blushing Ahead!

  2. Jennifer Vaughn says:

    After reading the excerpts I think perhaps the cover says ALL I care to know about the book. Thanks for being the brave soul who cracked the book open and confirmed my suspicions. 🙂

  3. javaj240 says:

    OMG….so bad. So very, very bad. LMAO.

  4. Ad-libb3d says:

    I second your moment of silence for the trees.

  5. OMG I love books like this. I love the trashy ones, AND the good ones. I love them all. And I haven’t seen this one yet. I’ll have to get it. See, someone DOES read them, though I won’t buy. I’ll just get it from the library. 😉

  6. Will anything from the 50 Shade trilogy be featured here? 🙂

  7. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    H2 tried to convince me to write romance because I could make more money in that genre. Couldn’t do it. I have some pride. http://bellybuttonblues.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/for-the-love-of-money/

    • I actually considered that, myself, for about an hour. I read a book on how to write them and was stiffled by how formulaic they are. Not for me! Glad you agree 🙂 Great link, too. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Poor tree, poor wanna be authors who actually have talent but aren’t published while this “intricate literary lewdness scrapes wetly and rather persistently upon the minds of agents challenging them to feast upon publishers’ saintly patience who with expert aversion then take to the task of having aforementioned literary curios published.”

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